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Creotech specialises in designing and developing mobile and web apps, providing end-to-end guidance throughout the product life cycle, from conducting initial research and exploration, to designing and developing the app, and ultimately launching your idea to turn your dream into reality.

Mobile & Web Development

We create and deliver strong digital products entirely in-house, supported by our reputation for providing quality and support throughout the process.


Our focus is on understanding your brand, audience and business objectives to develop a digital strategy that is aimed at achieving success.


In today’s ever-changing and dynamic business environment, upskilling your teams has become essential to maintain a competitive edge.

Our Approach

With our extensive knowledge and skills, we can provide comprehensive support throughout the entire product life cycle, from the initial exploration and investigation phase to research, design, development, and eventual launch. Our adaptable team has collaborated with businesses of all sizes, from small startups to large Fortune 100 enterprises, to construct top-notch software and enhance engineering teams. 

Ideate and Shape

The first stage of mobile development is the discovery or scoping phase. This step involves collecting and analyzing relevant data about the project, its target market, and audience to acquire a comprehensive and thorough understanding of the objectives, scope, and constraints

Create and Launch

In the process, the project will be divided into smaller, manageable stages. Throughout each stage, the partner will have the opportunity to receive regular updates, visualizations, and progress reports, allowing them to provide feedback, make changes if necessary, and ensure that the final product is in line with their expectations.

Grow and Scale

We go the extra mile to help our partner implement and verify their ideas. Our team is dedicated to ensuring a smooth deployment process for your project. We don't just stop at the initial launch - we continue to assist with ongoing improvements and support, aiming to establish long-term relationships with our partners

About Us

Creotech Group is a software company based in Bulgaria, founded by seasoned software engineers with over 12 years of experience each. At the core of our services is the creation of bespoke mobile and web applications that are tailored to meet the specific requirements of our valued partners.

We understand the importance of putting our partners' needs at the forefront of our decision-making process. Our team works closely with you to bring your vision to life, adding value at every stage of the project, from clarifying your initial concept and analyzing requirements, to designing and developing software applications, delivering and integrating them, and providing ongoing support. Our commitment to our partners goes beyond the initial launch as we strive to maintain long-term relationships by providing ongoing assistance, improvements, and support.

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